Recruitment Outsourcing

What We Offer

Employ E-Technology Recruitment to manage a portion of your recruiting processes. We  work closely with your hiring managers and identify their criteria for new hires. We screen all interested candidates and schedule interviews. We work in tandem with your HR Team, handling the candidate offer and contract. We turn target candidates into your employees.

Reduce Costs By Turning Fixed Costs Into Variable Costs

How much does your organisation currently budget for on recruiting expenses? Remove these fixed costs by outsourcing to E-Technology Recruitment. We source your talent for a flat monthly fee. If no new hires occur, no fee. Ideal for rapid or slow growth periods.

Your Current Recruiting Strategy

How many new hires did you make last year? Did you make a new hire each month? What were your monthly costs associated with sourcing new hires? Are the costs lower than our pricing below? Would your organisation benefit from the introduction of variable recruiting costs?

Pricing Per Month

  • Unlimited Placements @ €5,000

Outsourcing your recruitment function can save you in the short and long run. Our fees are considerably lower than other agencies.
We offer the ability to scale your costs monthly dependant on headcount growth.